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Over the past year, we have been actively engaging with schools to promote our online course and provide informative talks to students based around the most effective ways to learn and how to build a growth mindset. Our team has visited numerous schools across the country to deliver engaging presentations on the how to learn, along with the benefits of our course and how it can help students achieve their academic goals. In addition these talks, we have also worked closely with schools to implement our online course into their curriculum, providing students with a flexible and accessible way to learn. We are committed to supporting education and are proud to have made a positive impact on the lives of many students.

C.E.R Cork (Formerly Deerpark C.B.S)

We have delivered both in person talks and implemented our course into the 5th and 6th year Curriculum in C.E.R Cork. 

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Morning Star Primary School

We have delivered motivational talks about resilience in education, and knowing that anything is possible with a growth mindset to primary schools, notably Morning Star Primary School. 


Mayfield Community School

Just like C.E.R Cork, we have implemented our course into the Leaving Cert curriculum of Mayfield Community School, and plan to expand our offerings in the school going forward.

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