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Stress Management and Exam Skills Guide - 2023 Edition

Stress Management and Exam Skills Guide - 2023 Edition

A learning guide which will teach you how to effecively manage stress when it comes to exam time, along with how to use techniques to ace those exams!


This guide is built to teach Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students the most effective way to approach an exam, make a plan and reduce stress in order to maximise performance. Students perform at 75% of their maximum capacity when they are stressed, this guide solves this problem so students work at 100% capacity in an exam scenario.


The guide also looks at Exam Plan Creation, Negativity Bias, Stress and Time Management, Metacognition and Common Mistakes Made. The session will make exam week run as smoothly as possible for students, while maximising grades once they get into the exam.


Our guides are built in collaboration with high achieving past Leaving Cert students (550+ Points) and Academics.

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