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Step-by-Step Learning Guide - 2023 Edition

Step-by-Step Learning Guide - 2023 Edition

A learning guide which will walk you through how to effectively change how you study with the goal to improve retention and grades.


We go about Learning the wrong way, We here at Nextstepuni aim to change that. The Learn to Learn Guide includes peer-reviewed scientific information based in neuroscience on active recall, spaced repetition, encoding, consolidation and more along with how to implement them into your studies. You will also learn how to establish the correct mindset when it comes to studying in order to maximise results. Case studies are used throughout in order to help students understand how to implement the information. It is important for students to know that intelligence is not set in stone and you can multiply the effectiveness of your learning by using these techniques.


Our guides are built in collaboration with high achieving past Leaving Cert students (550+ Points) and Academics.

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