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High School Students

Say Goodbye to Grinds, Notes and Rote Learning

Nextstepuni offers one-to-one online sessions based in neuroscience tailored to increase retention and understanding while reducing stress for students. Save time and improve grades by booking a session today.

Sessions Available

Below you can see the two main sessions we offer, for a lower price we also offer a learning guide related to each session!

Learn-to-Learn Session

Our flagship session, built to help students retain information long term through neuroscience based techniques

Exam Skills and Stress Management session

A session built for students struggling with stress due to those looming exams, boost confidence by taking our new unique session

What to Expect after a Session

Long Term Retention

Learn how to store information in your long-term memory

Better Understanding

Gain the ability to apply knowledge in a more versatile way

Improved Results

Acquire a growth mindset towards study and the ability to surpass expectations


The average increase in Leaving Certificate grades after a student took a Learn-to-Learn session in 2022.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Have to Say

I Highly recommend doing this course, half way through 5th year I felt I wasn't retaining information and I was spending hours in the evening reading over content and getting multiple grinds.. after I had the hour session with Alex I realised my study techniques were all wrong ! With the case studies in the course it put into perspective the effectiveness of active recall and spaced repetition ! I picked up easy tips on how to study effectively all within the hour. I’m already spending less time studying and retaining more information!

Aoibheann - Leaving Cert


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Dedicated to Fairness

How we can help

We here at NextStepUni are dedicated to helping those in less fortunate situations. It is for this reason that for every session bought, a free session will go to a student in a DEIS school or disadvantaged area. When you buy a session, you not only help yourself but also another student from a DEIS school. Learn to Learn today.

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